Website Launch: Krav Pro Training Center

Website Launch: Krav Pro Training Center

Krav Pro Training Center has been through it all.

When we first started talking to Krav Pro about building a website, they let us know of all the trouble they’ve had with other website agencies in the past.

  • Template based cookie cutter websites where everyone looks the same
  • Custom websites with disappearing developers
  • Custom websites with ability to update themselves (but no training on how)

And the list goes on.

It’s heart breaking to us as developers to hear of these terrible experiences, we understand and know how incredibly important a well built website is to a small business – but unfortunately like anything, people can abuse their clients.

That’s exactly the reason we were excited to work with Krav Pro, knowing they had a few horrible past experiences – we were eager to develop a well performing website that not only did well, but did incredible.

We started with an authentic design.

Working with a photographer provided by Krav Pro they produced incredible images that were unique to them and really showed emotionally how incredible their school was.

Coupled with modern lead generating tactics and strategic marketing, we built the website around a specific goal. Produce leads.

The core pages: Home, About, Krav Maga, Kid’s Martial Arts, and Krav Maga for Teenager pages are staples that have strategic and targeted ads pointing certain demographics to their pages, from there we create additional “temporary” pages such as the “Women’s Self Defense Class” page that promotes a special event with a paywall.

The goal with the core pages is to always provide a constant steam of leads to their primary programs, while the temporary pages paired with marketing campaigns provides a massive influx of targeted content to bring in leads that will eventually convert to a primary program after the event.

Krav Pro has seen incredible success utilizing this strategy along with a variable paywall that entices potential clients to not only purchase, put increase their purchase amount through strategic add ons, each increasing the overall income per person.

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Home Page

Krav Pro Training Center in Duluth, Georgia teaching Kids Karate and Krav Maga Adult Self Defense.

Krav Maga Page

Krav Pro Training Center in Duluth, Georgia teaches the #1 Adult Rated Self Defense System in the World, Krav Maga.

Women’s Self Defense Class Landing Page

Krav Pro Training Center in Duluth, Georgia teaches Women the #1 Adult Rated Self Defense System in the World, Krav Maga.

Women’s Self Defense Class Variable Paywall Page


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